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Fashion Technology

Fashion is one common phenomenon that binds people globally but with different taste, background, culture and also geographical set up. It is not always about jazzy clothes or expensive clothing items. It can be simple and sober material which makes the ultimate difference. Before going any further with the topic let's understand what fashion technology all about is.

Basically Fashion Technology is concerned with the manufacturing of cloth materials. This course provides hands on training and knowledge of apparel manufacturing and the technology, including machinery, behind it. Trendy and modern materials are created to suffice daily needs of people. Like other countries, India too has its own distinctive fashion industry combining both traditional as well as western and modern forms. Seeing the interest and demand among the society about fashion, the country too has top colleges and universities where fashion technology and fashion design are regular full-fledged courses as youngsters do opt for these courses and later take as their profession. Big names like Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Rohit Bal are taken as benchmark of this industry and many youngsters wants to follow in their footsteps.There is an option of diploma in Fashion Technology as well as regular course option is too there. For regular option Fashion Technology gives one B Tech Degree in graduation. It’s a four-year course with eight semesters.

After graduation individuals can opt for jobs as in

  • Costume designing.
  • Styling.
  • Apparel Management.
  • Garment Industry.
  • Textile machinery manufacturing Industry.
  • Tailoring.
  • Fashion designer.
  • Retail Associate.

After graduation there is Masters or M Tech option plus diploma options are too available. Fashion Technology has taken huge leap from 19th century and more importantly it will keep improving in the coming years due to presence of technology and also people are also more aware these days. Modern sewing machines and new materials has given a huge boost to the industry not in terms of supply of amazing products to customers but also fabulous opportunities in terms of career/profession. Individuals can take up these following opportunities in Fashion Technology

  • Textile and apparel design.
  • Leather technology.
  • Fashion merchandising.
  • Visual merchandising.
  • Footwear design.
  • Jewelry/gem designing.