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In very common terms or lay man terms generally pharmacy means “a drug-store or chemist shop”. These are the simpler forms of defining pharmacy. But in technical pharmacy is the art or science of preparing and preserving drugs, as well as compounding and dispensing medicines according to a physician’s prescription. India is also no exception in this field of profession as there are quite a sufficient amount of students who appear for this field as full time profession.

Typically as any other graduation course, B Pharm is of four year duration and most importantly it is one career that individuals generally opt for apart from being ‘doctor’. After plus-2 individuals can opt for this course. The specializations vary as in

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Pharmaceutical Maths & Biostatistics.
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

The nature of work varies from one job role to another job role. This particular job field gives opportunities in both private and government sector. The various profiles offered by pharmacy degree are as follows

  • Chemical/Drug Technician.
  • Bio technology industries.
  • Drug Therapist
  • Drug Inspector.

Medical field has vast role to play in coming times. The influence of technology has positive as well as adverse effects too. From the young infant population to the older population medicines are commonly beneficial to everyone and hence extremely useful commodity for longer span of living. The increased medication and healthcare needs of an older population, more effective drugs to treat and prevent diseases, and a growing population have collectively resulted in a shortage of pharmacists nationwide. Additionally, new opportunities are emerging for pharmacists in managed-care organizations and for pharmacists trained in research and disease management.

Factors that may contribute to this future growth include new drug approvals, more insured individuals, aging population, older pharmacists retiring, and a shift in demand for more pharmacists to provide patient counseling services (medication therapy management). Given the variety of pharmacy jobs, pay, and growth trends, a pharmacist career is still very promising. Those embarking on a pharmacy career should prepare themselves to work in non-traditional settings and seriously consider residencies, fellowships, and other advanced training so they can be more competitive and prepared to practice in new care models that are being implemented, and are a paradigm shift for the pharmacy profession.